All-Weather Hairstyles to Keep All Day Long

Using anti-frizz of humidity styling products, you can create hairstyles that look good through any shift in weather conditions. Healthy, well-groomed hair is impeccable at all times, even when wet. Proper conditioning and nourishment make your hair flexible, shiny, energised, soft and smooth.

Your scalp needs to be healthy too, with a balanced pH, to avoid either dandruff or oily roots. Pick hair care products for your own type, avoid chemical procedures or excess styling, and protect your hair from sun damage or extreme conditions with serums, lotions and SPF products. For a more curated look, try hairstyles that are hard to destroy!

Braided looks

A simple French or fishtail plait looks better in our days if dishevelled. You pull off tiny strands from the original weave and it looks as if you took a fashionable nap before walking down the runway! But those looks that are really impossible to ruin are the braided updos. Intricately and creatively braiding the sides, the crown or the bun itself, you produce a woven effect that lasts a whole week.

Let the fyaways move freely, pin-up strands that might fall down, refresh it with shine lotion or hairspray. If a little lazy, just braid parts of your head, including creating a halo or side cornrows. The effort put into making these is always appreciated!

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