The Braids to Adopt Right Now

You’ve learned doing braids at quite an early age and you were thinking back then of abandoning that style by the end of high school years. Yet fashion often references various stages of one’s life, making back-to-school and hippie chic a relevant trend today and pushing you to the limits of your expertise by developing old styles into cool grown-up alternatives.

Braids are always present on catwalks and the twists they receive can propagate into an array of looks, including edgy, punk, urban, retro-feminine, boho-chic, classic glam, and even normcore. Braids combat ‘bad hair days’, polish up a simple day look and complement your eveningwear as last-minute touches. Bring forth memories of French or fishtail braids, practice cornrows, and apply freedom of expression by messing them up. Let’s see the latest additions to this textural adventure


The Dishevelled Braid

It can be totally torn apart, deconstructed and flanked by an array of flyaways, secured only with an elastic tie at its tip or fixed with hairspray and a few bobby pins. Michael Kors AW15 is the most representative example. Then you might have the idea of a braided updo resembling a woven surface of intricate knitwear.

There is great volume in these looks and the possibility of achieving an unconventional look with reference to distant cultures and ancient civilizations. Tiny braids can also overlap with loose strands of hair, creating sculptural sides or crown. The messy braided halo has a primitive feel while the frizzed up braided high ponytail gets us back to the 80s with Barbie as a predominant icon!

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