All that glitz and glam of the red carpet falls completely in place when awards such as the Oscars, Grammys, SAGs and Golden Globes happen around the same period. These images set the tone regarding evening outfits, hairstyles and makeup for the rest of the year. 2016 is the yearRead More →

Soft and loose curls are her signature look and bronde — instead of the initial blonde her blog was named after ( — is her current colour choice. It has a more natural feel and ideally complements her skin tone. Every now and then, with the help of prominent hairRead More →

You’ve learned doing braids at quite an early age and you were thinking back then of abandoning that style by the end of high school years. Yet fashion often references various stages of one’s life, making back-to-school and hippie chic a relevant trend today and pushing you to the limitsRead More →

In fashion, things evolve rapidly and we always love to be part of this ongoing revolution. Thinking of the most iconic evening hairstyle? It’s definitely the chignon, translated in English as the classically coiffed knot placed at the nape of your neck or else your ‘chignon du cou.’ Vaguely referencingRead More →