The Key to Brightly-Hued Hair

It all started at an experimental level with few bloggers, models, and fashionistas doing the so-called ‘rainbow hair’. Already ombré existed as a major trend, and discolouring techniques were kept as the last resort for those who were not happy with their natural shade. The next step was to embrace totally unnatural colours as means to an edgy, avant-garde look.

Shades of blue, green, purple, yellow and red mixed together in unexpected gradient effects and applied selectively, became a provocative tool, in the same way a spikey heel or a skin-baring detail could be before. It came as a huge shock to those hairstylists who are proponents or ‘gurus’ of the natural look, yet it gradually sneaked into our realities, dissociating itself from the punk culture and the grungy style.

Purple Hairstyle

It’s Now Pretty Normal

L.A. blogger Ellen V Lora from has picked the rather comforting pastels as her foray to the world of unnatural colours. Bleaching your hair to the extreme you can get a purplish white hue that is already eye-catching.

Ellen occasionally elaborates on this, creating cool shades such as sky blue, lilac, and dove grey. Beginners will definitely appreciate this mild deviation from the mainstream notion of perfect hair!

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