Is Short Hair Always That Cool

We often fear that short hair deducts from our femininity or seriousness, and that it is hard to style it when frizzy and unruly. Definitely, you cannot tie it up in a ponytail or a top knot, yet you can wash and airdry it in a few minutes, skipping the blowdryer and any other heat-producing devices.

Most common styling products to use include gels, waxes, clays, pomades, and things that create impressive texture and/or shine, ranging in their impact from medium to strong hold. Depending on the actual length of your short hair – neck or ear level – you might have extra ways to style it, sometimes including mild brushing and blowdrying. Let’s go through the bloggers who really rock short hair in a rather distinctive and stylish way!


The Minimalist

Seoul-born, Warsaw-raised and currently London-based Shini Park from often appears in extremely laid-back short hairstyles with texture that naturally sleek Asian hair rarely has.

She creates a cool wavy effect that graciously frames her face giving the illusion of effortless messiness. Her hair is always fashion-week-perfect in its simplicity, even at times when no such events are happening and she just describes her daily life routine through her blog.

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