How to Make Gray Hair Look Good

You have had grey hair for a long time, and you are tired of constantly having to dye it. You have come to a decision, and you have decided to stop dying your hair. Though you have made a brace choice to just go grey, there are some ways to make that gray hair look really great and flattering.

Have some patience:

The transition to go from colored hair to gray is not an easy one.

It can take many months for the hair dye to grow out, and this is also the time that some women take one look in the mirror and think that she is making a huge mistake.

The road to grey hair is not easy, but the end result will be worth it.



Go to the beauty salon for trims:

As the hair grows out, the hair that was dyed will be moving closer and closer to the ends of the hair.

Hair dye can cause the ends of the hair to look dry and the hair may also be split. The more that the dyed hair is cut off, the better a woman’s head will look.

Use a good conditioner:

A conditioner is going to keep the hair nice and soft. Women often think that grey hair is course, and that is why they are not willing to let their hair go grey.

However, grey hair can be made to be just as soft as colored hair with the use of deep conditioners.

Some women swear that hot oil is the best thing for grey hair, and they use the hair treatment once a week to keep their gray hair very soft and manageable.



Use a shampoo for silver hair:

Once the transition is complete, a woman cannot just wash her hair with any shampoo. There are special shampoos available that will keep the silver hair looking its absolute best.

Hair without color is not the same as colored hair, and the sun can do a lot of damage to it. The special silver hair shampoo will not only keep the hair clean, but protect it from the UV rays of the sun.

Use makeup to keep skin looking healthy:

A woman with a head full of gray hair has to make sure she uses makeup to add color to her face.

The all gray look can make the skin look pale and lifeless. A woman should consult a makeup expert to make sure that the color of foundation she uses will not cause her face to look pale and sickly.



Lipstick can make the difference:

A bold color of lipstick can add much needed color to a woman’s whole face.

If a woman wears lipstick that is too neutral, it will not flatter her face at all because now her hair is lacking in color.

A red, or a dark plum lipstick can really make a statement, and it will counteract the fact that the hair is now gray.

Stop wearing black:

Black is now a color that a woman with a pure gray head has to stay away from. The contrast between the hair and the black will make a woman look really old.

If a woman wants to wear a dark color, then something like red, gold, purple, or navy blue can take the place of black, and a woman will still look young and vibrant.

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