Losing Your Hair Isn’t Always a Bad Thing!

If you’re losing hair, you may start panicking that you’re going bald. The truth is that losing your hair can be a sign of aging, but there are also very natural and innocent reasons for this to happen. It’s not always a bad thing to see your hair in your fingers, depending on the amount that you do see. It’s worth understanding why hair loss happens to know whether it is something to worry about. Here are some of the more common reasons for losing your hair.

Dead Cells Are Letting Go

People lose up to 100 hairs a day from their head for completely innocent reasons. It is simply because the cells in your head are dying, and that means your hair comes loose. The good news is that it is just making way for new hair to grow through in its place. If you often have your hair up and don’t run a brush through it for a couple of days, you’ll lose more on the day that you do brush it because the hair tie was holding it all in place beforehand.

Too Much Styling

If you style your hair a lot, you could end up damaging the roots of your hair. This makes them fall loose and they come out.

Try to limit the amount of chemicals that you use, especially hair dyes, and limit the amount of heated products you use. Let your hair dry naturally and look natural for a few days or weeks.

It’s a Hereditary Thing

Hair loss can be hereditary. If your family members have lost a lot of hair when they were young and are bald now, there are chances that it will happen to you too. That may seem depressing, but there are things that you can do to help avoid this.

Protecting your hair by a good washing regime and avoiding chemicals will help. Doctors can also prescribe lotions to place on the scalp to help avoid it occurring.

Your Iron Deficiency

If you have a problem with iron levels, you may find that your hair starts falling out. Iron deficiencies can happen for a range of reasons, including suffering from heavy periods or just not getting enough of the mineral through your food.

The good news is that it’s really simple to reverse the effects. Eat foods that are high in iron, such as red meat and leafy greens, or take supplements if you need to. Doctors can test for how severe the problem is to make sure you get the right amount back into your body.

Too Much Stress

Another very common reason for hair loss is stress. Stress causes all sorts of adverse effects on the body, and can even lead to heart attacks. The best thing is to get rid of as much stress as possible.

If you can’t do anything right now to change the situation, stop worrying about it. If you know that you can, start putting the steps in place to make those changes.

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