6 Things You Need to Know About Sex (From Men!)

Your man isn’t always going to tell you a man’s secrets about sex. You’re not going to hear it from your best friend’s boyfriend either. There are some lines that just don’t need to be crossed. However, you do need to know the things that he wants you to know—and things he really hopes you’re going to figure out miraculously. Here are those six things right now!

He Wants to Talk About His Fantasies

You don’t need to go through with them, but he really wants to talk about his fantasies. And he wants to know what yours are too! This helps to build up the intimacy, and it’s sexy knowing about the things that turn you on. You may feel embarrassed, but be in the knowledge that he does too. Ask him if there’s a role that he’d like you to play for the night, or listen to his off-the-hand mentions and use them to turn him on.

Porn Doesn’t Mean He Isn’t Into You

His porn collection does not mean that he isn’t interested in you. Men like to have porn, even when they’re completely happy in their current relationship.

The porn is a way to live out fantasies in a healthy and trusting way. It’s often just used as visual stimulation to get him going, usually when he’s alone. Think about the toys that you have in your drawer!

Initiate Sex More Often

Guys don’t want to feel like they’re always doing the hard work. They want to feel like you do want sex just as much as them. It’s time to start initiating it more often.

That doesn’t mean you have to jump him there and then. You could do something teasing and sexy that gets you both in the mood. When you do initiate it, take control and be the dominate one for the change.

Get More Confidence in the Bedroom

He wants you to have more confidence. That isn’t just about in your body, but about what you want and how you want to have sex.

Tell him if you want him to put his hands somewhere or move him to a position that you want to try. Confidence is a turn-on, and it tells him that you’re enjoying his company just as much as he’s enjoying yours.

Don’t Give Up If He Loses His Erection

Losing an erection or not getting one at all is more common than you think. Guys just really don’t like talking about it. Don’t give up when it does happen. It doesn’t mean that he isn’t interested in you.

Like a woman’s libido, there are various reasons that it can happen. There are also other things that he can do to please you and vice versa.

Focus on Other Parts of the Body

You don’t want a guy jumping straight for your lady bits, and he doesn’t want you jumping for his bits either. There are other parts to his body, and they do turn him on. Explore him more and make the night last.

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