Make Your Curls Last Throughout the Day

You’re going out and you’ve just made your hair perfect. Your luxurious curls make you look like a movie star right now but you know that they’ll drop after a few hours out with the girlfriends. How do the celebrities keep their curls throughout the night? Here are some tips to make your curls last throughout the day.

Give Yourself the Time to Make Them

Don’t rush the curls. It takes time to train the hair to sit a certain way and you need to give it that time. Give yourself plenty of time to get ready. If your hair really struggles and you have a full day event, put some rollers in overnight and sleep with them in. If you’re doing a last minute job, you may want to pick the odd sections instead of trying to get through the whole head of hair.

Use Hairspray from the Start

hairsprayOne of the biggest mistakes people make is to hairspray afterwards. Using the hairspray before you start curling is one of the best things you can do.

It will not only tame those fly away sections, but will help to lock in the curled shaped from the start. Work on sections of your hair at a time and spray each section as you get to it.

Don’t Wash Your Hair First

If you can get away with not washing your hair first, do it. When your hair is freshly washed, it has lost all of the natural oils gained throughout the day. After the full day, the oils have spread throughout your whole head of hair and it will be much easier to style.

Of course, there is a fine line between slightly old hair and very greasy hair because it really needs washing!

Avoid Brushing Them Out

If you can, avoid brushing your hair after styling it. The brush straightens your hair out as well as spreading oils through your hair. If you really have to brush your hair, do it gently and don’t pull if you come across any tangles. Once your curls hang lose and naturally, avoid touching them again.

Pin Your Hair

curly-hair-brunetteWhen you’re curling your hair, you may find that the first section you touched starts to droop by the time you get to the last section. Try pinning up your curls as you make easy one.

Put the curls in a tight spiral beforehand and then pin them to your hair. Spray over them before you let them loose to try and help them keep their shape.

Use Hairspray at the End

Once you’ve curled your whole hair, it’s time to go back to the hairspray. Give it one last spray just to keep everything in place. Try not to go overboard with the spray.

It can make your hair feel very solid, which takes away from the Hollywood glamour.

Cheat with Extensions

If you have a little money, you can cheat with the curls. Get some extensions and put the curls in them. The hair will usually keep the curls for days instead of just hours! That’s really what the celebrities are doing.

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