Successful Celebrities Who Have Their Own Businesses

Would you love to start your own business? You may think that it’s simply not possible. However, there are a number of celebrities who have gone that route. They prove that you can do something that isn’t your initial area of work. Take some inspiration from these successful celebrities who have their own business.

Ashton Kutcher

This actor decided that he wanted to start making his own movies and music. So, he founded a production company in 2000. Named Katalyst Media, it has grown to help him become the producer he has always wanted to be, while still acting.

He has also used his money to invest in a variety of new and growing businesses, including a recent floral one.

Gwen Stefani

The No Doubt singer proved that music acts can create a fashion line. She started up L.A.M.B clothing, and it went on to becoming one of the most successful clothing lines at the time.

She then branched out into accessories and apparel with a chain called Harajuku Lovers. That’s done just as well as the first.

The Olsen Twins

Wonder why you don’t hear much of the Olsen twins anymore? It’s not because they can’t find any acting gigs. They’ve decided to go the business route.

Like Stefani, the twins set up their own clothing line and are now famous in the fashion industry. Their line is fetching them $1 billion a year, which is likely more than they would have made acting.

Jessica Alba

Another female success story. This woman decided to focus on something a little closer to home: baby products.

Honest Line was created to ensure baby products were safe and free from toxins. They include cribs, bottles and even household cleaners.

Jessica Simpson

Another Jessica has gone from celebrity to business owner.

This time it is back into the fashion world. Like the Olsen Twins, this singer-reality TV show star has generated billions from her clothing line.

Robert DeNiro

This actor decided to keep his business a little closer to home. He started the Tribeca Film Festival, within the Manhattan area, and co-founded Nobu restaurant within the Tribeca area.

The film festival has gone on to become one of the most popular, and the restaurant is regularly visited by celebrities.

Rachael Ray

Back to a female again and this time it’s a TV chef. As you would expect it, Rachael Ray has gone on to create a line of kitchenware, including silverware and serve-ware.

You know when you have one of her products because they are brightly coloured. It definitely makes them easy to find around the home. Orange is the most popular one.

Tyra Banks

The model is known as the presenter of America’s Next Top Model, but did you know that she is the one who producers it?

She started up her own production company, Bankable Productions, and the show quickly became a hit around the world. Another TV show under the production is her own talk show!

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