Prom Hairstyles for Summer 2013

The Summer Prom hairstyles are just in and you can go through them to see which one you can choose to wear for the exciting Prom Party. Be sure to keep in mind the dress and the accessories so that the style never goes waste. You are in to garner some sticky eyeballs out there soon.

This year for the Summer Prom look there has to be something new on the cards. The girls are all busy checking the new styles on the internet and trying to replicate the celebs in their own ways. You have some great style for every hair, long or short, thick or thin but you need to choose the best that suits you. Ladies the Prom hair style this summer must also match your new dress for the party.

Here are a few tips on how you can think of wearing your hair to garner some sticky eyeballs.

The tease

The name of this hairstyle is pretty tempting and it should go with your Prom Night dressing up. You have to have a deep side parting with your bangs sectioned into parts so that they fall carelessly on your forehead. The hair can be brushed to one side and then gently back combed so that there is the desired lift to the hair.

The top layer can be patted down for a smooth look. Sweep the hair on one side and attach bob pins so that the nape of the neck is visible.

You can roll the hair inward to create a twist in the hair and use some pins to keep the hair in place. Set the hair with some spray and some pomade to keep the hair in place.


A polished ponytail

You can add some product to smoothen the hair and then blow dry your long hair using a round brush. Blow dry the hair in sections and then roll the bottom portion of the hair slightly.

Tie your hair into a high pony. This should look good with an off shoulder Prom gown.


This is applicable to mid length hair. You can get the hair curled from the middle to the end with the curling iron. Set up the curls and then brush hair so that you have god volume. The front sections of the hair can be brushed back and secured with bob pins.



Start by braiding your hair a two inch of your hair and then securing it with a elastic. The rest of the hair goes into a ponytail secured with a rubber band.

You can twist this section of hair in to a smooth bun at the side and attach some bob pins to keep it secure. Put some sparkling clips on your braid and some antifrizz cream for the sheen. Put some deep conditioner with your fingers.

Chic Pouf

Use some pomade stick on your hair directly for the shine. Then comb the top half and attach the hair to your crown with some pins.

The front should look poufed and then the rest of the hair can be made into a pony. Use some more pomade stick so that you can tackle any flyaway hair.



If you have long hair and you are all set to wear an off shoulder Prom gown you would look amazing in cascades. Wet you hair with mousse that enhances curls and then when your hair dries up you have a cascade of bouncing curls all over.

Then gather the top half of the hair with some clips into a high ponytail. The pony should be positioned on the crown so that the hair looks bouncy and cascading down. Add some spritz for a quick refresher.

Bun Ballerina

This is perhaps the easiest hair style you can ever do. You pull the hair into a very tight pony tail and then twist hair to create the bun.

Leave a tuft of hair so that you can wrap it all around the bun. Smooth flyway hair with hair spray and you are all set to wear the style with your new Prom dress and ballerina shoes.

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