Should You Opt for Hair Extensions?

If your hair is thin or just not the length that you want it to be, you may consider getting extensions. There are pros and cons to these, and so many different types. The question is whether they are any good for you. Here are some considerations to make to determine whether hair extensions are a good idea.

The Damage to Your Hair

There are two types of hair extensions: permanent and non-permanent. The permanent ones use adhesive to stick to the hair. While they look more realistic and last longer, they can damage the hair. You will need to make sure the person putting them in and taking them out is fully trained. Even celebrities have ended up with bald spots due to permanent hair extensions.

The Cost of Extensions

Think about the amount you are willing to spend. Permanent hair extensions are very expensive. In fact, some of them can be in the tens of thousands depending on how many you need.

The good news is that cheap ones are available. These cheaper ones aren’t permanent though, and don’t always look 100% realistic. It is a compromise you need to decide whether you can make.

Maintenance Requirements

Think about the maintenance requirements and whether you have the time and money to do that. For example, some extensions need replacing every three months or so.

The problem is that they could cost you thousands each month to replace and take hours to actually do it. Cheaper, non-permanent options can last month if you care for them, but you need to use treatments on a weekly basis.

How Realistic

Always think about how realistic the hair extensions look. The only way you can find out this is by talking to people who have used them in the past. You’ll need to check out user reviews and talk to the hair stylists for their opinions. As well as realistic, you need to make sure they are not visible in places.

Can They Fall Out?

This is especially the case for non-permanent options. They use clips and bands that help to keep the extensions in place. However, they may slip out of hair, especially if yours is very fine.

You need to talk to previous customers or look for review videos to see just how good they are at staying in the hair. Talk to someone who have similar hair to you, whether it is short or long, thick or thin.

Styling Your Hair with Extensions

Make sure your extensions can be styled in the way that you prefer. Do you usually wear your hair up? Maybe you like to have it wavy and luxurious. Some hair extensions have treatments that prevent styling from being possible—and they look worn and dull very quickly.

You can talk to hair stylists about this, and how easy it is to style your hair with extensions in. You can also talk to previous customers to find out if they had problems with different styles.

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