Undercover Hair – Survive Chilly Weather While Maintaining Perfect Hair

In cold weather we need to cover our hair with beanies and hats that warm up our head when temperatures drop dramatically. It’s OK to have a ‘bad hair day’ but when repeatedly adopted, it strips our mane of some of its allure and healthiness.

Let’s see how we can survive chilly weather while maintaining perfect hair with the use of the right products and accessories! Let’s also go through the most desirable cover up looks in the recent New York and London Fashion Week street style. Fashionistas, once again, paved the way!

alexa-chung-style-shearling-jacket-scarf-wool-hatNEVER SYNTHETIC ONES

Your head needs to breathe even when covered with a fancy hair accessory. Opt for wool or rabbit felt fedora hats, cashmere or angora blend beanies, woven turbans, and fur headpieces.

Natural fibres allow both your scalp and hair to interact with the environment and the result is that you happily avoid excess sebum production that causes oily hair as well as dryness and breakage that is produced through friction.

Synthetic fibres, on the other hand, make your hair almost suffocate, sweat, and break. Through sweat, salts are concentrated close to the roots, making your hair feel dirty and hard to detangle.

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