6 Quick Tips to Improve the Look of Your Makeup

You’ve just done your makeup and it looks great. Chances are though it will start to melt and drip due to heat and the natural elements. You need to quickly touch it up so it looks just as good as it started again. Here are some tips to touch up and improve the look of your makeup.

Focus on the Blending

The best thing you can do is blend your makeup in. If you’re putting another layer of foundation on, really concentrate on getting it to blend in with the older stuff. Don’t apply a lot to start with.

Just a little will give you the ability to touch areas up. Once you’ve blended it with the rest, focus on blending it with your skin tone. The ears and chin are the most common areas to miss.

Use the Lip Liner

Find a lip liner that matches the colour of your lipstick or gloss and use it! You will be able to make the lines of your lips more defined; similar to the way eyeliner works on your eyes.

Your lips will look bigger too, instantly drawing the attention to them. Focus on matching it to a coloured lipstick, and then you can apply a clear gloss over the top to give it a shimmer and shine.

Think About the Foundation Shade

You’re out with your friends and realise you need to touch up your foundation. You want to borrow your friends, but that can lead to a big disaster.

Make sure that foundation matches your skin’s complexion; let alone the original one you applied. If it doesn’t work on blending the current foundation back into your skin.

Use Good Lighting

When applying makeup, always think about the lighting. The bathroom light in the nightclub will be fluorescent and won’t give a good look at your style.

If you can, do it where there is natural daylight coming through a window or try and do it outside. The lighting will make the difference between applying way too much and get it just right.

Avoid the Panda Eyes

Eyeliner and mascara are two problem items. They start to run and then get into the lines below your eyes, often giving you a panda look. Focus on removing the excess makeup before you do anything else.

Get a piece of damp tissue and wipe gently. If you have wipes or can get them, they will be great for this use. When applying the eyeliner and mascara again, don’t go overboard because it will just happen again!

Don’t Worry About It!

Stop worrying about your makeup so much. It happens to everyone. The best thing you can do is get on with your day and enjoy it. If it gets really bad, then you can use tips to improve it but there are high chances nobody but you is noticing.

Focus on having a good night and people will look past the slight signs that you need a touch-up.

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