Tips to Making Your Brown Eyes Look Exotic

Most people have brown eyes, which leave many women with feelings of remorse that they were not lucky enough to be blessed with blue, green, or even hazel eyes. Although brown eyes are the most common, they are more interesting than the other eye colors. The color brown is actually created by combining all of the primary colors. This means brown eyes are created with red, blue, and yellow hues.

Shades of Brown

Although brown eyes are the most common there is no brown eye that is the same shade.

When you look at two people with brown eyes you may notice that one person’s brown eyes are lighter than the others or one person’s brown eyes are a little more yellow than the others.



Learning How to Apply Shadows

Thanks to modern technology more women are able to learn how to apply their makeup in a professional way.

Purchasing bright colors is the fashion forward thing right now, but not knowing how to apply it can cause you to go from fashion forward to a fashion don’t.

Bright Blue Colors

As a woman you know that makeup can be expensive, but if you go for the cheaper brands you might be regretting it later.

Blue eye shadow is just one color that you will want to spring for the more expensive name brand makeup.

A bright deep vibrant blue will go great with your brown eyes as it will create a contrast that will make your eyes pop.



The Brown Eyes With a Hint of Hazel

Some people with brown eyes have a little hazel mixed in. If you are one of these lucky ladies you should try and use purples.

If you are not one for a bright purple color you can always choose purple mascara or even purple eyeliner just to give your eyes a little drama.

Going Green

The catch phrase “going green” can mean to recycle and do your part to prevent the pollution of the world or it can simply mean to choose a great green eye shadow to bring out your beautiful brown eyes.

There are many different shades of green, which will allow you to be able to choose a shade or hue that you like for your daytime look and a more dramatic green for your night time look.



Using More Than One Color

Using more than once shade of eye shadow at a time can really bring out the beautiful color of your brown eyes and add a little texture.

Makeup experts say that adding a cooper color to the outer parts of your lid could just give you the texture that you were looking for.

One helpful tip is to ensure you choose a neutral color to pair with the copper.

The Metallic Colors

When applied properly the metallic eye shadows will look great on the lid of a person with brown eyes.

Many brown eyed people have golden undertones, which will be brought out by the metallic colors you can choose from.

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