Why Lip Stain Is the Must Have This Season

There are so many different products for colouring your lips. You know all about lip stick and lip gloss, but did you know that lip stain is this season’s must have product? Why is that? Well, here are just six reasons you need to invest in it.

It Works Out Cheaper

Lip stain lasts much longer than any other type of lip product. With that in mind, it is cheaper to use the stuff than bother with anything else. Even if you spend a little extra, it’s going to offer many more uses because you won’t have to keep reapplying it between uses. It’s called lip stain for a reason.

Dyeing Your Lips Without Damage

The stain is working by dyeing your lips. So, instead of just applying something on top, you’re getting into the gaps and colouring the flesh. This leads to a longer lasting appearance.

Even with regular drinks and living your day normally, it is possible for the stain to last for up to 12 hours. This does depend on the brand, though.

It’s Not Sticky

Lip stick and lip gloss are both extremely sticky. Everything gets caught, especially your hair. Your hair then ends up all sticky and it tangles with the non-sticky sections. It’s just a complete nuisance. Say good bye to all of that with the benefit of lip stain.

The product isn’t sticky. In fact, you’ll forget that you’re even wearing it because it makes your lips feel so natural. That also means no more smearing it everywhere or it coming off on the glass.

Your Teeth Remain White

Remember the stickiness of the lip stick? Don’t you hate when it gets all over your teeth? That’s a major concern for many women and one that you can forget all about with lip stain.

The stain works by dyeing your lips and will completely dry. The only time you could possibly get it on there is during the application process!

No More Kissing Problems

Guys hate the feeling of lip gloss and stick. It ends up coming off from you and onto their lips. There’s also that terrible thought of granny leaving the lip stick kiss on the cheek.

It’s worth remembering again that this really doesn’t come off. There’s no need to worry about leaving the lipstick mark on your man’s lips, cheek or even shirt. He’s not going to get annoyed and wonder whether it’s worth kissing you in public.

More Bag Space

So, with the knowledge that it doesn’t come off, it means you don’t need to carry around your lip stick in your bag. There’s no need to worry about reapplying before the business meeting or when you’re out on the date.

You can have some extra space in your bag. While your lip stick doesn’t take up that much room, it can sometimes mean the next size up in a bag or skipping out on another piece of makeup.

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