6 Reasons to Avoid the Flip Flops This Summer

Flip flops are comfortable sandals that many people wear on the beach. Unless you’re taking a trip to the beach or if you need them for the changing rooms, it’s best to stay clear of them as footwear. There are plenty of other, fashionable options around. Here are six reasons to avoid the flip flops this summer.

They Cause More Injuries

There is a very limited amount of padding when it comes to this type of shoe. While sandals seem to offer the same level, they are made with more integrity and tend to offer better support around the ankles.

Flip flops cause people to use their toe muscles to keep the footwear on their feet, and that causes stress fractures in the foot. They also have little support for your instep.

Lead to Alignment Problems

Because of the lack of instep support, your feet tend to roll inwards. This causes issues for your development and alignment.

You have to really think about the placement of your foot if you want to avoid problems. Alignment issues can cause back and neck pain, and even result in headaches and migraines. You need to go through therapy to solve the problems.

Your Feet Will Become Tired

It seems like a strange notion but think about the muscle workout your feet gain. This is not a good thing!

Trying to keep the shoes on your feet causes more strain on your toes and tips of your feet. You tire your feet out very quickly during the day, much quicker than you would in another type of shoe.

They Don’t Look Great

It’s not just about the stress on your feet. Think about the way your feet look.

They don’t look fashionable at all, even if you do manage to find flip flops with patterns and stylish designs. They tend to look cheap and tacky, and make you look like you’re broke. There are plenty of stylish inexpensive sandals if you’re really on a budget.

They Fall Off

It’s much easier for flip flops to fall off your feet compared to any other shoe. This include the ballet pumps that just slip on. You can end up tripping over them, which leads to all sorts of injuries depending on what you land on.

There is also the risk of stubbing your toe on the curb, and then you have to deal with showing off your blood-soaked, bruised toe for the rest of the day.

They Rub Your Feet

How often have you found a pair of flip flops that fit comfortably and don’t rub? While you have nothing sitting on the back of your feet, you have the bit between the toes to think about.

Most flip flops are made out of rubber, and when the feet sweat this really ends up rubbing. You can’t get away with wearing a plaster on the top of your feet to stop the rubbing sensation, without giving away the fact your flip flops aren’t as great as you thought they would be.

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