How Walking Every Day Will Benefit Your Life

You need to nip down to the shops, and you want to be quick. It’s common to consider the car, but it’s a beautiful day outside. It’s time to stop taking the easy, lazy method. You need to walk on a daily basis. It sounds annoying, but it really will make your life healthier and better. Here are six ways walking every day benefits your life.

You Should Walk 10,000 Steps

According to the National Institute of Health, 10,000 steps is the minimum you should be taking on a daily basis. This number is calculated based on all the health benefits you gain, and will help to improve your heart and lungs.

Those 10,000 steps don’t need to be in one go. Space them out during the day to make them easier and more realistic.

Improve Your Circulation

This is especially important if you sit behind a desk all day. Your circulation to your legs will be poor, and you need to help it as much as possible. The best way to do that is by walking more.

You will lower the risk of problems like deep vein thrombosis effectively. The circulation also helps to improve oxygen flow around your body, so you feel more alert and ready for action.

Tone Your Thighs and Bum

Do you want the perfect behind? Well, walking is the way to get that.

When you walk (or jog) you work on the muscles in your thighs and buttocks. This ends up toning and firming them, so you have the curvy, voluptuous shape of your dreams. It will work the whole buttocks, and not just the lower part connected to your thighs.

It’s Better for Your Knees

If you love running, you may think you get enough of the above benefits. However, you could be doing some damage to your joints. Running puts a lot of pressure on your ankles and knees. Depending on how you run it can also put pressure on your heels.

Walking takes away the shock that your legs suffer, so it is actually better for your knees. That doesn’t mean stop running completely. Just think about interchanging your fitness options.

You Get the Fresh Air

It’s time to soak in that fresh air. Your body needs it. When you get outside for a walk, your body gets more oxygen.

This instantly helps your concentration levels, and will help you become more alert for the rest of the day. It’s a great way to start your day, so you’re ready for your time at work. The fresh air will also help you feel more at ease, and get rid of the stress.

Feel Happier in Yourself

Walking is a form of exercise. It’s a mild form, but still a form and any type of exercise is great for you.

Exercise helps you feel happier in yourself. It releases the right chemicals from your brain, and can really help fight mental illnesses like anxiety and depression.

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