The Biggest Issues with Shoes and Their Solutions

There are some very common problems that all women have with their shoes. You don’t need to suffer any longer. There are some very simple solutions to deal with them. Here are just seven of your more common issues and their solutions.

Blisters on Your Feet

Don’t you just hate putting on a new pair of shoes and then getting blisters somewhere? They could be on the back of your heels or on your toes.

They’re painful and you start to wonder whether the shoes were really worth it. Friction is the cause of blisters in most cases and you can stop it with the right padding. Invest in the right socks/tights or you can buy pads to help.

Having Sweaty Feet

Another common issue is the feet getting sweaty. This is usually caused by shoes that are way too small and the feet can’t breathe properly.

There is one great solution to this: make sure that your shoes fit. You may think that the shoes fit but you need to try them on when your feet are at their most swollen—at the end of the day.

The Problem of Dry Skin and Calluses

Do you get the dry skin on the bottom of your heels or on the balls of your feet? Calluses are also formed because the shoes don’t fit properly. It can also be due to friction.

Make sure your shoes fit and wear tights or socks. You can get rid of the dry skin by soaking your feet in warm water and using a pumice stone to file the skin away.

The Straps Getting Too Tight


You have the perfect pair of shoes but eventually the straps get too tight. This is common with leather shoes more than anything else. The good news is that water can help with this.

It will help to stretch the leather quicker than waiting for your feet to do it naturally, so the leather actually stretches as your feet swell.

The Heels Breaking Off

Have you ever had the heels break while walking around? It can be embarrassing but you can prevent it. The trick is to buying high quality shoes. Try your shoes on and walk around in the store.

Not only can you make sure they are comfortable but you can make sure the heels aren’t wobbly. Wobbly heels are a sign that they’re breaking.

Heels Sinking

Many women suffer from heels that sink into the ground, especially in wet grass or mud, and it’s always at a big dinner or wedding.

You could switch your stilettos for something that doesn’t sink but where’s the fun in that? Buy a heel cap and add more surface area to make it easier to walk around.

The Soles Wearing Away

If you regularly suffer from wet feet, check your soles. They could be wearing away. This isn’t just a sign of cheap shoes.

It’s a problem with many dressy shoes. You can buy sole protectors which are more than worthwhile.

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