Running is a great way to get fit and remain healthy. However, it is also an exercise that causes various injuries. Some of the injuries are minor like blisters, but you could damage the knee and ankle joints. It’s important to follow some safety tips and avoid the numerous mistakes.Read More →

Hopefully without giving away too much information about my age, when I was a school there was no such thing as a prom and I didn’t attend my leaving ball at University, we did out own thing. But, these days, borrowing from American culture, there is a prom for everythingRead More →

We all love a bargain, there are few things that feel better than finding a gorgeous piece of clothing that you would love to own, then finding out that it is seriously affordable. You almost skip to the till with your fabulous find and have a big smile on yourRead More →

Ingrown toenails look awful and are extremely painful. They can become infected if not treated quickly, but getting the nails out from the skin can be extremely difficult and time consuming. The good news is you can stop most ingrown toenails from ever becoming a problem again, and you don’tRead More →

You could have a beautiful outfit all picked out, but it I nothing without the perfectly picked accessories. Your accessories really do complete an outfit and in some cases can be the focal pint of your ensemble – just think of the classic white shirt, perfectly fine on it’s own,Read More →