6 Reasons to Ditch the Crash Diets

In the light of Peaches Geldof’s death, it’s possible that her juicing diet has been to blame. She regularly yo-yo dieted, and it simply isn’t healthy for the body. You want to make the most of your health while you can, and here are six reasons to ditch the crash diets and start focusing on a healthy and balanced one today!

You Yo-Yo Diet

When you crash diet, you don’t actually change your mindset for food. You end up cutting out the calories and the suddenly go back to eating them all again.

Your metabolism can’t cope, and your body ends up storing the excess calories just to lose them again. The diet ends up being a yo-yo one, and that affects you mentally as well as physically.

You Don’t Change Your Eating Habits

Your eating habits never change. If this doesn’t happen, how do you expect to keep the weight off after you lose it? You simply can’t. Long term eating plans are designed to help you change your habits little by little.

You won’t even notice them, until you get to the end result and you’re able to keep the weight off for the long term. You’ll start to wonder why you ever had the bad habits in the first place.

You Don’t Change How You Feel About Food

Food is used for emotional reasons by many. However, crash dieting just tells you to cut certain things out, or juice everything. The aim is just to lose weight. You don’t actually look into your relationship with food and change the way you think about it.

You don’t learn how to make the good choices and how your food affects your way of thinking. While some of that is mental, ditching the crash diets will really help.

You Lose Muscle Mass

Your body isn’t getting rid of the fat while you crash diet. It’s getting rid of the muscle.

One of the most likely things to cut out is protein, and your muscles need this to build and repair. The calories from muscle are also easier for the metabolism to use up. Eventually, your organs shut down and you will go into cardiac arrest.

Your Body Doesn’t Look Great

Have you seen some of the photos of people who crash diet? They don’t exactly look glamorous when you see them in bikinis or shorts. This is because of the way the muscle breaks down rather than the fat.

The body ends up getting rid of so much that your bones stick through. Do you really want to look anorexic?

Your Metabolism Slows Down

You’re doing some long term damage with that 30 day juicing diet. Your metabolism struggles to work on the limited number of calories you’re eating, and it worries about when it’s going to get them.

Instead of waiting, it slows down to use up the ones you have slowly. It’s much harder for the metabolism to speed up afterwards, so you end up gaining more weight when you go back to eating normally.

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