How to Make That Guy Want You

There’s a guy that you’ve liked for a long time. The problem is he’s never noticed you. You’re stuck, but you want to catch his attention before he finds someone else. Here are some tips to get him to notice and want you.

Show Off Your Style With Confidence

Before you go anywhere, make sure you feel confident and happy with the way you look. That could involve doing your hair, putting on the right makeup and just dressing in a way that shows off all your curves.

When you have confidence, he notices that and any guy loves a girl who has confidence in the way that she looks and feels.



Talk About Something He Really Loves

Guys have passions too. Think about how you feel when you talk about something you love. He gets that feeling too when he’s talking about one of his passions.

The good news is that feeling transfers to you. He starts to love talking to you because you ask him about his passions, and you’re interested in more than just being with him or his looks.

Talk About Something You Love

The conversation can’t all be about him. You need to talk about something you love too, and he is going to want to know more about you.

When you talk about something you love, your face will light up and this makes him smile. He’ll see that you do get excited about things and will want to be the source of that excitement.



Give Him a Scent to Remember

Spray some of your perfume in your hair. When he’s close by, flip your hair in his direction and he’ll smell the perfume. Scent is an extremely powerful sense, and is linked with memory and feelings.

When he smells that scent again, he’s going to remember you and the feeling he had when he saw you. You’re instantly on his mind without having to do much. If you don’t like perfume, try using other powerful scents, like citric shampoos.

Share Your Opinion—But Not Too Much!

There is nothing wrong with having an opinion. In fact, he wants you to have one.

He wants you to choose what to eat at a restaurant; and even where to go to eat! He wants you to pick a DVD now and then, and will want to hear what you think about his outfit. You do need to draw a line here. It is possible to have too much of an opinion, and you may come across as overly critical at times.



Get His Friend’s Approval

Guys will always listen to their friends. If they like you, then he is going to like you too. But how do you manage that? It’s time to listen to them and strike up conversations with them.

You don’t need to be one of the guys, but showing an interest in the things they’re talking about will really help you. Give them something positive to say about you the next time he asks them about you.

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