6 Tips for Finding the Perfect Running Shoes

Are you looking at getting into running? Whether you’re starting on power-walking with a friend or you’re ready to get into the higher intensity training, you need to have good-fitting running shoes. It can be hard to find the perfect ones. It is not all about price. Here are six tips to find the perfect running shoes for you.

Get a Running Test

Many sports stores now offer a running test. They have a machine that they get you to walk and run on. This shows how you place your foot when you’re going through the motions, and tell you where you need to get the right support to avoid ankle, leg and back problems. Some of the stores offer these tests for free as long as you buy a pair of running shoes from them afterwards.

Try on the Shoes

You need to try the shoes on. No, this isn’t like when you were a child and you pushed at the front to see how close your toes were to the end. It’s to make sure the shoes fit you perfectly.

You need to stand up in them, walk a few steps and jump up and down. Really test to make sure the shoes offer the maximum comfort and support. Ask the assistant to bring out both shoes if only one is on display.

Think About Your Running Style

If you’re nowhere near where the running tests are offered, it’s time to think about how you run. The next time you’re out, concentrate on the placement of your foot.

Does your heel touch the ground first or do you run on the sides of your feet? Knowing this tells you where you need the support. You can ask a personal trainer to help you with this task. He will know everything to look out for.

Look at the Padding in the Shoe

Look at where the padding is within the shoes. Some have the extra padding on the heels to lessen the impact when you put your heel to the floor. Some offer higher insteps for those with high arches. You need to get shoes that have the right padding for your exact running style.

Do They Feel Comfortable?

It’s great having shoes with the right padding, but now they need to actually feel comfortable. You want to test them for any rubbing on your feet or if your toes catch anything inside.

If they don’t feel comfortable right now, don’t mistake that for them needing to be broken in. You won’t want to wear them and they could cause damage to your feet.

How Long Are They Designed to Last?

Talk to the shop assistants about how long the shoes are meant to last. This should be a question about the mileage, and not just one based on months or years.

If the shop assistant doesn’t know, do your research into the brand and make of the shoe to make sure you get the best value for your money.

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