Helping Your Baby With Tummy Ache

Being a baby is really hard. All they can do is cry and you need to look out for signs of what is really the problem. Tummy ache is extremely common and happens for a variety of reasons. One of those is teething! It’s important to know how to help your baby when she’s struggling with tummy ache to help her sleep and enjoy her young life.

Know the Signs

The first thing is to know that she’s struggling with tummy ache. Babies can’t tell you, so they’ll do actions that make it possible to tell. When it comes to tummy ache, she will usually pull her knees up to her stomach to try and ease the pain. If she is rolling, she may go onto her side to make it more comfortable to pull her knees up.

Consider the Reason

There are a number of reasons for tummy ache. Your baby may have wind, or she may be teething. It’s really important to think about the reasons for her tummy ache to make sure you try the right thing first.

This will also help you decide whether you can actually do something about it or can just help to ease the symptoms.

Could It Be Wind?

Wind is one of the more common reasons for tummy ache. The first thing to do is try burping her again. She needs help to get the wind out at the moment, and one burp may not have been enough. Put her over your shoulder and tap or rub her back gently until the wind comes up.

Rub Her Tummy

Sometimes the wind needs to go the other way. The best way to help with this is by rubbing her tummy in a clockwise direction.

It will help the digestive system push the wind through, so she can let it through. This can also help ease tummy pain from eating too quickly or when she needs to pass her stools.

Bounce Gently

Rocking to sleep is a common method, but it may not be enough when she’s struggling with tummy ache. Try bouncing her gently whether it is on your knees or in a bouncy chair.

If she is holding her head up, try a bouncer she can stand up in. That can help get the wind to pass through the digestive system, along with the stools.

Over the Counter Medications

There are some over the counter medications available that will help ease a baby’s tummy ache.

It is best to talk to a pharmacist to make sure you get the right option for your needs and avoid further distress for your little one.

Consider the Bottle Brand

It could actually be the brand of bottle. If your baby is colicky, she will need a bottle that is designed for that.

These bottles ease the flow and stop the bubbles in the milk that cause the excess wind. They’re not 100% fool-proof but they are worth a shot if it happens regularly.

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