Best Exercises To Do When You Have A Cold

As a woman, your exercise routine is very important to our overall health and ability to keep the pounds from packing on. However, slight colds and other common illnesses can zap energy and leave you feeling tired and unable to exert a lot of energy.

As fall approaches, flu season will soon be in full effect, which mean that you need exercise options that are great, even when you feel slightly under the weather. Here are some great potions that will work even when you have a cold. Breaking a sweat is good for you when you have a cold, but you want to make sure that you don’t over exert yourself

1 Walk

Walking is a great option that will keep you active, but it doesn’t take a lot of effort or energy. Instead of opting for intense physical fitness, you can choose to slowly walk short distances until you feel more energized.

A 20 minute walk is the perfect way to sweat out your cold and begin feeling better. The deep breaths that are natural during walking exercises will even help to clear your sinuses.



2 Qi Gong

This is a martial arts exercise option that is more mental than physical. Most components of this exercise involve meditation and slow basic movements that are easy to perform, even if you are slowed by the common cold.

This type of exercise is great for you, because it will allow you to break a sweat and lessen the anxiety that you feel. In no time your energy levels will return to normal and you will begin feeling like your normal self again.

3 Yoga

This is another low energy exercise option that helps to limit stress and improve your muscular movements.

Breathing exercises are an integral component of yoga and can be used to clear your breathing pathways, which can be helped by improved posture. Even the aches and pains that accompany a common cold can be soothed by yoga stretching techniques.



4 Dance Your Cold Away

Dance doesn’t have to be an intense painful workout that leaves you sore and in pain; instead you can stay active by lightly dancing your cold symptoms away.

Simply swaying along to the beat of your favorite song or slowly dancing around your home can give you the necessary physical activity you need to stay healthy.

Exercise is needed at all times, but especially when your immune system is suppressed inn some way. Once you start feeling better, you can resume your Zumba classes that you enjoy greatly.

5 Swimming

Swimming is a laid back exercise routine that can be modified to be even less intense. This makes it the perfect exercise option when you have a cold.

The moderate cardio that is attainable by swimming is ideal when you are slightly sick and the water can help to clear your congestion. However, you should limit swimming exercises if the chlorine begins to negatively impact your condition.

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