How to Drink Like a Dude

Ever noticed how men seem to have different preferences when it comes to liquor, or how they seem to hold their drinks better? Wish you could just be one of the guys when you hang out with your male friends? If so, this is the article for you. Here, we will teach you how to drink like a dude, keep yourself cool, and much more. This article is for anyone who wants to find themselves part of the old boy’s club, even if they are a girl!

Try Darker Liquors

Many men prefer darker liquor to clear alcohol. You may notice that many women tend to go for alcohol such as vodka, champagne, or even tequila. However, this is not the case for all women, and it certainly is not the case for most men. Most men prefer whiskeys, darker beers, and bourbon. Try any and all of these liquors to see if you like any of them. You may or may not. However, if you keep just a bottle or two of them around, your guy friends will appreciate it, even if you do not prefer them.

Keep It Neat

When you are out drinking, don’t get too sloppy. We have all been to that party or event where there is that one girl who has had just a bit too much. Don’t be that one girl. Feel free to feel good, dance, and do what you want, but be sure to pace yourself as the night goes on. You may not want to start out with the hardest drinks, or try to drink the most liquor the quickest. Instead, play it cool, and keep it neat. Men will think that you are put-together, cool, and anything but sloppy.


Stay Hydrated

Be sure to drink water the whole night long. One of the easiest ways to keep hydrated is to follow every beer, glass of wine, cocktail, or shot that you may have throughout the night with at least one 8 ounce glass of water. Start-off and finish-up your night with at least one glass, as well. Keeping hydrated can make a hangover less severe the next day, and can even help your system to detox faster. Being dehydrated due to a night of drinking can make you feel weak, sluggish, and even sick the day after. Plus, drinking lots of water helps you to slow down your overall alcohol consumption.

Don’t Feel Bad

Don’t feel bad if you do not like drinking, or just cannot get used to darker liquors. There is no reason that any and every woman can’t enjoy a vodka cocktail or a glass of white wine every now and again. The main point is to keep on your toes when you go out, and to always drink enough water while you are consuming alcohol. No matter what you drink, really, or with who, do these things every time you drink, and you will seem much cooler to all the guys.

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