New Year Resolution Ideas for Your Weight Loss

Weight loss is one of the most common New Year resolutions. However, so many people give up after the end of January. The problem is focusing on that one goal of losing weight and then not having any other resolutions or goals surrounding you. Instead of making that one specific resolution, why not try these for this year to make it easier to keep.

Drop a Dress Size

Make yourself the goal of dropping a dress size. This is a great way to stop focusing on the numbers and focus on health and shape.

It takes about 10 pounds to drop one dress size, but it will depend on the stores you visit. Use one store to determine when this goal has been met, so you’re not fighting with the different manufacturers.



Lose Inches Around Your Waist

Like dropping a dress size, this is a great weight loss resolution because it stops you focusing on the numbers of the scales. While the scales don’t like, they fail to take into account any new medication you’re on or whether you’re gaining muscle.

Taking measurements of your waist and other parts of your body will help you see that there is a change in shape and you do look better.

Improve Your Exercise Levels

Diet and exercise go hand-in-hand. As you do lose weight, you will find that exercise is easier to do and you can do more.

However, instead of focusing on the weight loss, focus on the amount of exercise that you do. If you aren’t currently active, make it a goal to start. If you currently do a little but irregularly, make it a resolution to get into a routine.



Improve Your Health

Your weight loss will bring health benefits. Even if you think you’re healthy, you may find that there are things you struggle with. Focusing on losing weight can be difficult, so make it an aim to be healthier in your life.

This will affect the type of food you eat, the amount you eat, and any exercise that you do. You will soon find the pounds drop because you are much healthier in your life.

Spend More Time with Family

Did you know that spending time with family can help with your weight loss? Instead of making it an aim to lose weight by increasing your exercise levels, consider making it an aim to do more with your family.

You could get out for walks, play games in the park, or take sightseeing trips that mean walking more. They enjoy the time, and you will soon drop a dress size.



Be More Toned

Weight gain leads to the muscles disappearing under layers of fat. You can improve your health by focusing on toning your body. The exercises you need to do and the lower amount of calories you eat will help you lose weight at the same time.

However, you are focusing on a physical change instead of those numbers on the scales.

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