Things You Don’t Want to Say to a Dieting Friend

If you know someone who is dieting, you may feel like they’re missing out. It’s really easy to equate food and drink to fun. You’ll soon find that you’re sabotaging their weight loss without even meaning it, and you could lose them as a friend. Here are things to avoid saying to anyone you know dieting.

“One Bit More Won’t Hurt”

Whether it’s a small piece of cake, a biscuit, or a full dessert, that one little bit more really could hurt their weight loss.

Most dieters will have a strict plan to stick to, whether it involves counting points, limiting the type of food they have, or counting calories.

Going over that little bit could cause them to see a weight gain the next week. Be supportive and avoid encouraging them to eat more than they need.

“It was Made Just for You”

This comment will make them feel guilty for not eating more. While you may have made a cake or something for them for a special treat, it doesn’t mean they want to eat it all—especially not in one sitting.

The best thing to do is find out if there is something you can make them beforehand that will stick to their diet plan. If in doubt, give a non-edible gift instead.

“Let’s Go for Coffee/Dinner”

When you bump into a friend or you have something to celebrate, drinks and food are the most common options. However, that is going to affect her weight loss efforts.

Consider asking her if there is something that she would like to do to celebrate. If you do want to have a chat over a coffee, ask her if there is a better place to go. You don’t need to opt for food, you could take a trip somewhere, or even go clothes shopping!

“You Look Perfect the Way You Are”

While you may think that she looks perfect, she may not feel it inside. You don’t want your friend to drop too much weight though and look unhealthy, so there is a fine line for this.

If you genuinely believe that they’re straying into the danger zone, sit down with them and discuss the matter, but bring it up carefully. Otherwise, stay away from this comment altogether.

You’ll also need to remember that it’s not all about the looks but the person’s health.

“Have You Thought About This Diet?”

If your friend has been dieting for a while but doesn’t seem to have changed, it can be tempting to suggest a different plan. However, that’s not something she wants to hear!

By suggesting something different, you’re making her rethink her diet plan and it could cause her to stop trying altogether. You could say that you’re trying a new diet plan and you want to compare notes to see if you’d do better on hers.

Another option is to ask your friend what you can do to offer some support.

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