Why You Need to Stretch During Your Exercising

You know that exercising is good for you, but did you know that you need to prepare your body for the activity? It’s really common to just straight into a run or get right into those weight training exercises. However, you could do your body more harm. You see, you need to do some stretching throughout your training. Here are some ways you will benefit your training by regularly stretching exercises.

You Lower the Risk of Injury

Stretching helps to warm the muscles up and make them as flexible as possible. If you go straight into training without warming up, your muscles will just snap and you could end up really injuring yourself.

Think of the muscles like an elastic band. They stretch during exercises, and will stretch easier if they have been eased into it.

Improve the Range of Motion

Your range of motion will also be improved. This means that you can be more effective in your exercises.

Having a small range of motion can be limiting to your exercises, since you cannot push your body as much. It can also lead to injury as you try to push it further than it can go.

Ease Injuries Already Sustained

If you currently have injuries, you will need to ease the pain and limitations from them.

Your range of motion will likely be smaller than you’d like, and stretching will help to ease the difficulty of the different activities you want to do.

Get Your Body Ready

Your body cannot just jump straight into any type of exercise. Even though your brain knows that it is time, your muscles, joints and ligaments will be shocked if you go straight into training to the maximum of your abilities.

You need to work your way up to training in full, and give your body the chance to adjust.

Improves Your Circulation

Stretching is great on its own, because it improves your circulation. This can also help during the exercises, since it means you can get more of a benefit from your training.

When muscles get tight, the blood flow is restricted. This can lead to pain, but can also be dangerous to the health. When you stretch, you expand the muscles and help them get all the blood they need.

Ease Pain Afterwards

Remember that improved circulation? Well that can help to ease the pain you feel after your workout. Pain afterwards is common, and a slight pain to show your muscles have worked hard is nothing to worry about.

However, it can be annoying when it stops you from doing everything you want. Cramp is also common after an exercise because of a build up of lactic acid, but stretching can help prevent this from happening.

Improve Your Recovery Time

Wouldn’t you love to see your recovery time improve? With a quicker recovery time, you can do more and push your body harder. You will also be able to get on with your day easier afterwards. Well, stretching helps you do that.

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