6 Habits You Do at Work That Could Mean You Lose Your Job

Are you in the firing line? There are chances that you could be without even realising it. There are certain habits that people do that make their bosses choose someone else over them. You could have those habits. It’s time to pick up on them and start thinking about how you work in the office. Here are six habits that could mean you lose your job.

You Constantly Procrastinate

Do you find yourself constantly procrastinating? This is a common issue for all types of people. At times it won’t be a big deal, but your boss really does need that project done on time.

There are all sorts of reasons for procrastination, but the most common is that you just can’t motivate yourself. It’s time to find the motivation, get on with the stuff you need to do and show your boss you’re a hard worker all the time.


You’re a Negative Person

Nobody likes a Debbie Downer in the office. Your negativity rubs off onto everyone else, and it can really affect the moral in the office.

Your boss wants to see people who are enthusiastic and optimistic in the workplace. He wants to see someone who wants to be there, and isn’t constantly moaning about things happening in life. Turn your frown upside down and focus on saving your job.

You Do Things You Shouldn’t

All work places have lists of rules. Some will be based on timings for breaks, and others will be on the amount of time you can spend doing personal things.

You’ll find that offices have a strict policy when it comes to the internet. Bosses will not allow you to surf the web or check your social media during working hours. You’ll have to wait until your lunch break. If you keep breaking the rules, your boss is going to let you go.


You’re Constantly Late

Do you find that you’re always running into the office apologising for being late. Even if it’s just five minutes, your boss notices it too and he doesn’t like it. Being late really affects his company. Sure, there are times that it can’t be helped.

The trains could be cancelled or there could be an accident on the road. However, nine times out of 100, you should be on time! He has every right to let you go if you are constantly late.

It’s a Hostile Environment

Your actions or words could be causing a hostile work environment. This affects the capability of the team and can lead to people leaving because they don’t enjoy the workplace; despite being great that their jobs.

Eventually, the boss is going to work out who is creating the environment and fire them.


You’re Completely Disorganised

Do you often find that you’re spending hours looking for the right paperwork? This is a major issue for your boss.

By doing this, you waste time looking for this and you could end up late for meetings. Your boss needs someone he can rely on, and you’re not that person.

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