How to Treat A Cold Sore Naturally

When the weather changes to fall, people tend to get sick. A woman may be exposed to the cold germs, but instead of actually getting sick, she may break out on her lips with cold sores. Cold sores are actually comprised of the herpes virus, and without treatment, the sores will be gone in about a week. However, there are some natural remedies a woman can use to help the cold sores heal faster.


When a woman gets the first tingles along her lips, this is usually a sign she is going to end up breaking out in cold sores.

Because cold sores are the herpes virus, ice will prevent the sores from spreading and will make them heal faster. Ice should be placed regularly on the sores, and the cold will also help numb the pain and itching.

Lemon juice:

If the cold sore bumps have already appeared on the lips, then a woman can use lemon juice to help get rid of them.

A cotton ball soaked in lemon juice can be applied to the sore at least three times a day to stop them from spreading and will promote healing.

Sea salt:

Salt is a known virus killer, and using salt can help heal a bothersome cold sore.

A woman can get her index finger, dab it in sea salt, and then gently press into the salt into the sore for 30 seconds to one minute.


Lavender oil:

Lavender oil has a strong smell, and what makes it smell can also prevent cold sores, and help an outbreak of cold sores heal quicker.

A few drops of lavender oil on the sores at least three times a day will make it dry up faster.

Tea bags:

Tea is a natural immunity booster, and when a woman has a cold sore it means she may have a virus inside of her body.

Though drinking tea can help that virus go away inside, applying a wet tea bag can also cure the virus on the outside. The tea bag should be soaked in warm water, and then applied to the lip for 10 to 15 minutes every couple of hours.

St. John’s wort oil:

At a health store, there are herbs sold in liquid form. St. John’s wort comes in an oil form, and the oil can be used to treat cold sores.

The oil can be applied to cold sore at least three times a day, and after a few days, the sores will start to scab over.


Licorice contains glycyrrhizic acid, which has been proven to kill the cells that make up a cold sore. A woman can chew a few sticks of licorice candy, real licorice candy is not made with anise, or there is also licorice powder available.

The licorice in powder form can be dabbed onto the sore itself, or to make it more like lip balm, mix the powder with a little oil and spread it on the lips. After a few days of using the licorice, a woman will see that the cold sore is beginning to heal.

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