What Your Boss Isn’t Telling You About Your Work

Think your boss tells you everything? Maybe you think you’re ready for that promotion coming up. While he may tell you you’re a great member of the team, there are things that he’s leaving out of your conversations. There are decisions he makes based on various activities, inside and outside of work. Here are some factors to consider that your boss isn’t telling you.

Those Weekend Parties Are Affecting Your Chances

That promotion isn’t going to happen. Why not? Well, your weekend partying and antics are stopping it. Your boss doesn’t want to see your pictures on Facebook or know that you were possibly putting the company in disrupt.

Your boss is watching you so be careful about the things you say and do. It doesn’t mean you have to stop going out but it means you need to stop coming across as if you do.



He Wants to Hear You

Don’t sit in the meetings in the corner. Don’t shy away from the discussions. Your boss wants to hear from you. It doesn’t matter if your opinion is different to the rest; he wants to hear what you have to say.

Your opinion could help him decide for or against something and, if it turns out right, you’ll be the one he thanks. He’ll also know that you really are there and will help your company.

You Need to Play the Office Politics

Think that just getting on with your work and avoiding the office politics is a good thing? Well, it’s actually not.

While you don’t want to get involved in spreading the gossip or joining in with that, you do need to make friends with those you work with.

This makes you look like a team player and that you do have the social skills needed for your promotion.



Show Off That You Are Good

Your performance does matter though. Your boss wants to see that you are good and receiving monthly emails about your projects is a good thing. He’ll see that you are on track and great at your work.

By keeping him up to date, your name is constantly coming up in a good way.

Thank Your Team Members

If you’re the head of a project, send emails thanking the team members and make sure your boss is CC’d into each one.

You don’t need to do this that often—just whenever a project is completed or there has been a success in something.

Your boss wants to know that you’re good at leading a team and that you appreciate their hard work as well as doing your own.



The Way You Dress Will Affect Your Chances

If you constantly go into work without the correct uniform, it does affect your boss’ opinion of you. Your boss wants to see that you’re a team player and will be good for the company.

Make sure you dress smart. If your company doesn’t have a specific uniform, make sure you find out how to dress properly and follow what those who are getting promotions wear.

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