The Things Your Doctor Really Needs to Know

Telling white lies to your doctor won’t harm your health, will they? Well, the truth is they might. You may think downplaying your drinking habits makes you look good but it can lead to the wrong diagnoses and the wrong treatment. Here are some things you need to tell your doctor.

Your Real Drinking Habits

Some medications—in fact, most medications—don’t work when you drink alcohol. Your doctor needs to know a rough idea of the real amount that you drink each week.

If you have a few too many one weekend but the rest of the month you hardly drink anything, then fine but if you go out binge drinking every weekend, make sure you tell him.

The Type of Alcohol Your Drink

So you have one drink a week; that’s good right? Well, it would also depend on the type of drink you have.

There are medical studies that show one glass of red wine is good for you but any more than that—and any other drink—is still just as damaging to your liver. Discuss the type of alcohol you drink with your doctor to make sure you’re following the guidelines.

Do You Smoke?

It’s really tempting to say no but be truthful. Smoking causes a number of illnesses and diseases and the best thing you can do is let your doctor know.

If you smoked in the past, be honest but tell him how long you’ve quit for and whether you’re finding it hard. This will also help him understand whether there could be something linked to your previous smoking habits.

The Amount of Exercise You Get

Running around after the kids may be hard work but it isn’t necessarily enough exercise. Tell your doctor just how much you get and find out whether it is damaging your health.

Likewise, just because you don’t go to the gym doesn’t mean you’re not fit or getting any exercise; you’ll be surprised how good walking is for you.

Whether You Get Six-Eight Hours Sleep

Sleep is essential for the body. If you have trouble sleeping—or getting up in the morning—it may be worth talking to your doctor about.

Not getting enough sleep and getting too much are negative things and could mean health problems.

Your Diet and Type of Food You Eat

Be honest with yourself—are you overweight? Your doctor knows the truth and it’s not the fact that you’re big boned.

Talk to him about your eating habits and the diet that you have and ask him for advice. Depending on your weight, you may be offered a referral to a healthy eating plan that will help you lose weight and live a healthier lifestyle.

Any Medication You Take

Not all medication will be on your file. If you have over-the-counter drugs or herbal remedies, your doctor won’t know about them.

The problem is that they can affect other medication. Tell your doctor about all the medication you take, even if you think won’t do any harm.

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