What Every Woman Should Know About Arthritis

Arthritis is a complex and complicated condition to manage. There are more than 100 different types of this disease and is partly the reasoning for its management difficulties. Women over the age of 40 are more susceptible to this condition, but it can afflict anyone of any age. Arthritis can cause one to be debilitated and even cause deformities in the joint.

Arthritis is a condition that affects the joints, and can affect more than one joint at a time. It causes inflammation, pain, stiffness, restricted movement and can even lead to psychological conditions, like depression. More than 350 million people have some form of this disease and this number grows each year. Many individuals, especially older ones, can find it difficult to do daily activities like putting on their shoes, buttoning a shirt, or even getting out of bed because of this disease.

There are two common forms of arthritis that’s seen in many women, Rheumatoid and Osteoarthritis. Rheumatoid arthritis is the type where the body’s own immune system attacks the lining of the joint, and bis cause by deterioration of the joint. A joint is comprised of different components that protect the bones from rubbing together and when these components are damaged and the bones touch is what causes the pain in individuals.


Many women who experience aches and pains in their joints don’t stop to think that it may be a sign of arthritis, they will take an over the counter pain reliever to help ease their condition. When this happens they’re just covering up the condition with a temporary fix. Arthritis needs to be diagnosed by a doctor who will do a complete examine and x-ray.

There are quite a few causes of this disease, but the forefront of them all is genetics. If there’s a family history of arthritis, you’re more susceptible to having it. Some other causes of arthritis, in women, includes being overweight, and hormonal imbalance, usually due to menopause. Being overweight affects the knees, ankles and hips. These joints are constantly under pressure from standing and walking and the heavier you are, it increases the chance of these joints becoming damage.

When it comes to treating an arthritic condition, one would think that it’d be easy, but due to the many variations of the condition, there’s no sure fire cure. Managing it’s symptoms is the only solution for arthritis sufferers. There are a variety of treatments that are effective in managing this condition, the important thing is to find the right one or a combination that will improve your lifestyle. These solutions can include medications, physical therapy, chiropractic treatments, natural solutions, and as a last resort, surgery.

One of the best solutions for arthritis though is prevention. There are many ways that an individual can help prevent becoming a victim to this disease, even for those who are more susceptible. One would need to talk with their doctor or a specialist, for the best prevention plan.

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