Why Contacts Are Better Than Glasses

If you wear glasses, you know how much of a nuisance they can be. If your optician agrees that you can wear contacts, it may be worth making the switch. Unless there is a problem with the eye, contact lenses are so much better and mean you can do so much more. Here are six reasons why it’s time to make the switch.

They Don’t Slip Down!

Are you forever pushing your glasses back up? While they can be tightened, they can sometimes be tightened too much and cause headaches. There just is no middle, comfortable ground for some people.

Contact lenses take away that whole issue. Sure, there are horror stories of losing lenses, but those horror stories happen very little and are usually due to rubbing the eyes!

People Don’t See Them

Contact lenses are virtually invisible. Only people getting up close will see them, and then they need to know what they’re looking for.

Glasses are visible all the time and have led to awful nicknames in school. Those nicknames may haunt you and make you hate wearing your glasses on a daily basis. You get to hide your imperfections with contacts.

Show Off Makeup Styles

Just think about all the different makeup styles you can do and show off. Yes, there is the ability to create different makeup styles with glasses, but they are often hidden behind the frame.

There is also the risk of the frame catching your makeup at the sides, smudging all your hard work.

Build Your Confidence

The fact that nobody sees them can help to build your confidence. You no longer have the glasses in the way and hope that they suit your face shape and complexion.

Your contact lenses sit on your eyes and you don’t have to think about them until the end of the day.

Stop Worrying About Scratches

The lenses are quite flimsy but this offers a major benefit. They’re not going to scratch! When you damage the lenses on the glasses, you have two options: put up with them or have them replaced.

The latter can be very expensive depending on the type of lenses you have and why it happened. The former is just annoying and hinders your vision. When your lenses are in, there is nothing that will hinder your vision.

No More Rain Drops

When it’s raining and you’re outside, you may wish that you had a set of wipers for your glasses. You sometimes have to choose between being able to see clearly or straining through the rain drops.

You never have to worry about that with your contacts. The rain drops are not going to get into your eyes and on the lenses.

Don’t Worry About Designs

You can spend a fortune on glasses just to make sure the frames look right. You want certain colours and particular designer names.

None of that is an issue with lenses. You just want a set that give you 20/20 vision and fit comfortably.

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