Why You Need to Keep the Glasses

Are you trying to choose between glasses and contact lenses? There are times that contact lenses are great for fashion and style. However, glasses can also offer many benefits and could be the best option for you. Here are some of the benefits of wearing glasses on a daily basis.

Protect Your Eyes

The truth is that contact lenses are not medically suitable for everyone. Because they sit on the eyes, they can stop the oxygen getting through. That dries out the eyes but can also lead to medical issues. Glasses don’t do this. They are much safer if you need corrective lenses on all the time.

More Comfortable to Wear

It may seem surprising but glasses can be much more comfortable to wear. They don’t sit on the eye, so there is less risk of them catching on something and irritating the eye.

If you’re driving for a long period or you need corrective lenses for the whole day, contact lenses get tiring. However, this can depend on the type of lens and you may find one type that is better for your eyes.

Come In Different Styles

Glasses can be a great fashion statement. There are so many different types of glasses available, including designer frames. They no longer look geeky, and can really reduce the amount of people who call you names.

You can find them in different colours that make you stand up and will complement your complexion and there are designs that work with the shape of your face.

Easier for Higher Prescriptions

If you have a high or complicated prescription, it can be really hard to get the right contact lenses. You may find that you have to sacrifice your vision slightly for the look. If you do get the contacts made up, they can be much more expensive than having a pair of glasses.

Much More Durable

Contact lenses are a flimsy piece of material that sits on your eye. They need to be cared for overnight or they dry out and break. They can also tear, which can be irritating and dangerous for your eyes.

Glasses are more durable than the lenses and can withstand some dropping. While scratches are a concern, both have their limitations.

Prescription Sunglasses

People forget that prescription sunglasses are a possibility. You can look stylish and protect your eyes at the same time. The best thing is you can choose different gradients of tint and even opt for polarised lenses, which are much better for driving in.

This isn’t possible with contact lenses, and you usually need to opt for the store bought, readymade options.

Different Treatment Options

There are many different treatments when it comes to glasses. As well as the sunglasses, you could opt for anti-reflection and anti-glare treatments. These are great for driving, especially if you regularly drive at night.

They’re also excellent for using the computer and just generally getting more light into your eyes. They don’t work for everyone, but they’re worth trying.

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