How to Be Healthier in 2014

There are a few new year’s resolutions that can actually create a new, better version of you. Don’t have to think about big things, the following small steps together will do the trick!

More fruit and vegetables

One of the biggest problems regarding our nutrition is that we eat too much sweets and fatty foods, while fruits and vegetables remain in the background.

So you should primarily concentrate on these, even if you can’t reach the recommended five servings a day yet.

Fruit and vegetable soups are highly recommended, as well as dried fruits (even dipped in dark chocolate), freshly squeezed juices, or pickles and salads – just to name a few to choose from.


Less meat

Some women can’t imagine that there is life without meat, and keep stuffing their bellies with it.

Animal meat is essential for the body because of its nutrients, vitamins and protein content. But excessive consumption could lead to elevated cholesterol levels, therefore to cardiovascular problems.

At times, feel free to swap out the red meat to white! Chicken and fish are good for your health.

Snacking in moderation

Not only large portions during the main meals make people fat, but the extra calories of snacking as well. All-day snacking often represents one or maybe two main meals in the evening!

Especially the evening chocolate or chips can lead to tire floating on your stomach. Drinks also deserve a few words, as many of these calories are not taken into account.

Not only the sodas and alcohol are fattening, but fruit juices and energy drinks too.


Adequate fluid intake

The importance of adequate fluid intake is enormous, and not only in the long run. Too little fluid can trigger headaches, associated with thicker blood, and even amplifies the signs of aging.

Most coffee and alcoholic drink have also a diuretic effect, so if you need a regular dose, make quality a priority instead of quantity.

Give up smoking and alcohol!

Another pivotal point, which is the source of the bunch of problems. Smoking and alcohol consumption are the most frequent forms of addiction.

Whatever you consume of these harmful agents, you should know that the slight reduction is still far better than nothing, especially when looking at the average annual intake.

The best thing would be to give up smoking and drinking totally, but it’s also great if you manage to proceed step by step.


A bit more exercise

Reforming your meals is not sufficient to achieve weight loss. To gain a spectacular and healthy body, you have to move it!

20 minutes aerobic a day or two gyms per week are perfect to start with. Let’s just count what it means in annual average! See?

A nice class with friends at the local gym, walking with your dog, hiking with your partner… You have a plenty of opportunities to move your body.

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