Tips to Save Money When You Go Food Shopping

When shopping for groceries, it is really easy to overspend. There are so many deals on that they pull you into a purchase and make you want more. Even if you know you don’t need something, they still pull you in! Not only is this hell for your wallet but it’s hell for your waistline! Here are some tips to help with controlling your spending and saving money in the supermarket.

Write a List Before You Go

Check all the cupboards, the fridge and the freezer for anything that you need. This usually covers your regular items, including fruit, vegetables and milk etc.

If you are going to make something special, make sure the ingredients for that are on your list too! By having a list, you will control the spending by only buying the items on that list.

Determine Your Budget Before Leaving

Think about the amount of money that you have available to spend on food. Knowing that there is a budget will stop you from putting items not on the list in your shopping basket.

It will stop you from giving into the offers that are designed to make you want to spend more.

Add Up Along the Way

Take a calculator with you or do it on your phone and add up the total on your way around.

This helps to monitor your spending so you stick within a budget. It is great if you are going with a really tight budget so you stop once you get to it.

Cross Off Items as You Buy

This is important to avoid buying something twice. If you find that there is a better deal after crossing off an item, make sure the first one is put back so you don’t overspend by accident.

Crossing off the items is also a psychological thing as you will realise that you are closer to the end of the trip than you were just a few minutes ago.

If you have children with you, get them to do this task whenever they put something in the shopping basket.

Allow Children One Treat

Going shopping with children is sometimes necessary but it is often a boring experience for them. There is so much available and they know they’re not allowed it all.

When you go shopping with them, allow them to have one treat of their choice. This is for after the shopping trip!

They will look forward to it and it stops them complaining around the supermarket.

Check the Offers Are Worth It

Ever seen an offer that is 1 for £3 or 3 for £10? Something seems a little odd doesn’t it?

The problem is that many people don’t check these offers and just assume that they are a good deal. Before buying anything, check the discounts to make sure they really are discounts.

Offers Don’t Mean You Have to Buy

Just because there is an offer on doesn’t mean that you have to buy it. If it isn’t on your list, avoid it!

The only offers that may be worth it are on the non-disposable goods, like toilet paper and washing up liquid.

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