The Effects Alcohol Has on the Body

You may have heard medical professionals state that one glass of red wine a day is good for you. It does help boost the heart and blood flow. However, can you really stop at one? So many people enjoy a drink with their meals but it’s important to remember that alcohol is a dangerous substance. Here are some of the effects that alcohol have on the female body.

Interference with the Sleeping Pattern

Alcohol affects the ability to sleep. You may think that you’ve been sleep for the whole time but your body doesn’t feel it.

You wake up groggy and frustrated, without really understanding why.

You may find that you wake up at odd times during the night because of the interference with your sleeping pattern.


Dehydrating the Body

The alcohol may be a drink but it does nothing to hydrate the body. In fact, it takes the moisture from the places your body needs it the most.

Your skin will be dry and look rough and your hair will suffer too. You will also wake up during the night needing a drink.

While one great way to battle this is to drink a pint of water before sleeping, the best option is to drink less!

Your Skin Doesn’t Get All the Nutrients Needed

You won’t like the look of your skin the next morning.

The alcohol stops the nutrients from being absorbed by the body so your skin doesn’t get the ones that it needs.

Not only will it lack moisture but the colour and condition of it will be affected. Is it really worth looking years older than you really are?


Alcohol Reduces Your Sex Drive

You won’t want to have as much intercourse with your partner as you would do without alcohol.

Sure, it reduces your inhibitions while you are intoxicated but it had a negative effect afterwards.

You could find that it damages your relationship because you’re not happy being close to your other half.

It Reduces Your Fertility

If you’re trying for a baby, you should cut alcohol out completely.

Not only is your sex drive affected but your fertility as a whole will be.

It can affect your monthly cycle so you don’t even know when you will ovulate. It will lead to mistiming for intercourse purposely to have a baby.


Increase Your Risk for Cancer

It seems like alcohol decreases everything but that’s not the case when it comes to cancer.

A woman who drinks alcohol regularly has a higher chance of developing breast cancer, along with many other health issues.

This is even more likely for those who drink more than the recommended amount of two units no more than twice a week.

It can Lead to Alcoholism

Alcohol is a drug, which is something that many people forget. It is addictive and drinking regularly can lead to alcoholism.

Women feel the need to have a drink to calm their nerves or deal with a situation.

It is important to stay in control and avoid this as it leads to many other health and relationship problems.

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