Top Things to Do on Your Day Off

Would you like a day where you can relax and not thing about anything? If only that was possible, right? Well, it should be. When you get a day off, forget about anything else that needs doing and spend at least half of it for yourself. Here are some great ideas to enjoy your relaxing time off.

Watch That Trashy TV

Want to catch up with the celebrity or TV gossip? Turn on the trashy TV and enjoy 30 minutes of it.

You will be surprised by how much better you feel just laughing at silly people and the things that celebrities have to say.


Have a Duvet Day with the Kids

If you have children, spend some of your time with them. A duvet day, with popcorn, movies and video games is a great way to spend time with them.

If you like to do something a little more practical, consider arts and crafts or getting out with them in the back garden. It doesn’t have to be anything too strenuous but you’ll find the fun is relaxing and builds memories.

Read a Book

There may be lots of books on your Kindle that you want to get through. Use your day off to start reading them. You’ll be surprised by how quickly an hour goes by when you’re engrossed in your favourite book.

If you have no new books, consider re-reading an old one. You never know if there’s a plot hole that you missed the last time.


Bake a Cake

Or try making those desserts that you found. Baking and cooking are great ways to spend your day off. You feel like you’ve actually done something but you’re treating yourself at the same time.

Don’t try anything too difficult if you want a very relaxing day—try making something that’s a step up from last time.

Get Creative

Write your own book, draw some pictures or design websites—whatever you love to do in your spare time. Get creative and let your imagination come to life.

This is relaxing and useful; you may even find something that you can turn into a home business. Kids can help with this, but it’s often worth just getting a few hours to yourself to let the imagination flow.


Get to the Gym

You may think that exercise is for a hard-working day but it’s also good for a relaxing one.

It doesn’t quite have to be the gym—any type of exercise will give you the benefit of feeling more relaxed! Just don’t push yourself as much as you would normally.

Catch Up on Sleep

How tired have you been lately? Wouldn’t you love a few minutes extra sleep? If you can—ie. The children aren’t jumping on your bed to get you up—get a few minutes extra or have an extra hour in bed.

Sleep is good for the body. A 15 minute nap during the middle of the day could be just what you need to feel more refreshed and relaxed.

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