Are You a Complainer? It’s Better to Stop Now!

Complaining may make you feel like something is going to be done but it can cause more aggravation that it is worth. This isn’t the case when a business has failed in its duty to protect and serve you; this is more about the small complaints like when friends are late or when something hasn’t gone your way. It’s damaging in many ways.

You Alienate Your Friends

If you regularly complain, you’ll find that your friends see you as a complainer. They’ll start turning away from you as you alienate them.

If you complain about one friend to another, she may wonder what you say about her behind her back. It’s best to stop and save your friendships.



It Doesn’t Help Your Day

Complaining about something doesn’t stop your day from happening around you. By complaining, you’ll actually make it harder to do the rest of your tasks and this will make you more stressed. It’s a constant cycle that will be difficult to get out of.

The best thing you can do is shrug off a situation, move on and get on with the rest of the things you have planned during the day. The only time to really bother about it is if it is life-threatening and someone genuinely is at fault for that.

You Can’t Find Ways to Deal with Something

You spend so much time complaining about an incident that you don’t find ways of dealing with it. Someone may have swiped your car and knocked the wing mirror off, without leaving insurance details.

There’s no point complaining about it happening. You might as well just get on with replacing it.



It Makes Everything Else Seem Like a Big Day

Complaining about a small thing has a ripple effect. Everything else that goes wrong just gets bigger and bigger and it becomes a tidal wave. There’s no need to let it all get like this.

By getting on with something, you’ll find that the ripple is smaller and there’s no big blow out at the end.

People Stop Listening to You

If you regularly complain about things, it becomes less effective. People won’t take you as seriously as they would if you don’t often complain about something.

They will stop listening and you’ll find that you have no one to complain to about something.



It Clutters Your Life

Your life soon becomes cluttered with problems that you’ve not done anything about these.

They can be really small but you feel like they are much bigger and harder to deal with. This affects everything about you.

You Make a Bad Role Model

Your children will see that complaining is just a normal thing to do. They become complainers too because you’re a bad role model.

It will annoy you but telling them to stop makes you a hypocrite and they’re less likely to listen to you.

You need to stop complaining and show your children that there is another way to handle a situation.

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