6 Ways to Boost Your Confidence

Are you struggling to get the job you want? Maybe you’re having problems in your love life or friendships. It could be your confidence. If you have low confidence, you will find it much harder to stand out from the rest. You need to give it a little boost, and here are six ways to do just that.

Wear Something You Look Great In

Everyone has that one outfit that they look great in. It could be a dress, a top and jeans combo or even those short shorts. Pull the item out and put it on. When you know you look good, you feel it too. This will give you an instant confidence boost, because you’re not worrying about the way people think you look.

Dance Around Like No-One Cares

Put your favourite tracks on and start dancing around. Act like nobody cares, and let yourself have some fun. This works in two different ways. You’re having fun, so automatically feel better about yourself and your life. You’re also helping your brain release the happy chemicals around your body, so you quickly give yourself a confidence boost.

Have an Accomplishments Board

Put photos of all your accomplishments together. This could be on a traditional notice board at home, or you could decide to use Pinterest. Put it somewhere you’ll see it regularly, and check back when you have a dip in your confidence.

Remembering all the things you’ve managed to do will give you the courage and knowledge that you can do something new coming up.

Do Something Nice for Someone

Be nice to someone, even someone that you don’t know. This doesn’t need to cost you a fortune. Just holding the door open for a person and letting her past first is enough.

You’re putting a smile on someone else’s face, which should help put a smile on your face. You’ve just made someone happy, and forget about the terrible day they’ve been having.

Have a Goal and Reach It

Set a goal at the start of the week. It could be to get through all the laundry or make a start on your novel. Work on it throughout the week, and then reach it by the end.

You will feel great while you’re working towards it because you are actually working towards something. You will feel even better when you reach it. You’ve accomplished something you set at the start of the week. You can also do this on a daily basis if you need confidence throughout the day.

Point Out All the Good Things

Make a list of all the good things about you. Stay away from the negatives.

If they start creeping through, stop thinking about it and force yourself to move back to the good. Everyone has something they’re happy about. It could be the colour of your eyes, the shape of your legs or even your bubbly personality. If you’re really struggling, ask your friends to tell you what they love about you.

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