6 Reasons He’s Freaking Out About Sex

Women think that men are constantly calm about sex. They know what they want and just how to get it. However, he’s not as calm as you think. There are certain things going on that he is seriously freaking out about. Here are six reasons he is really going to start panicking.

Are You Faking an Orgasm?

One thing he really worries about is whether you’re enjoying the night. He wants you to have an orgasm, but there are horror stories of women faking it just to get it over and done with.

If he’s not quite hitting the spot, have the confidence to tell him where to go. If you are enjoying it, show him and tell him that.

Is This Position/Rhythm/Speed Right?

He loves the sensation, but do you? He’s going to look to you for clues about whether you like the current position, speed and rhythm that you have going.

When he finally gets it, he loses it and then he starts panicking. Let him know that you’re having fun, and take control if you want to stop him from having a full-blown panic.

Needing to Sneeze or Some Other Bodily Motion

Being human doesn’t stop during sex, and he knows that. The problem is he doesn’t want to do anything embarrassing or disgusting.

As soon as he realises that one of those bodily motions is coming, he really starts to panic. He wonders whether he can hold it in, or whether it is just better to let it all out.

Does He Look Like the Movies?

He wonders whether your sex scene together is just like one in the movies. He’s really worried that he looks fat, ugly and disgusting while he’s doing the dirty with you.

You’re probably thinking the same thing! It might be worth covering up any mirrors or avoiding them during sex just so this thought doesn’t play on his mind too much.

Cramping Is Stopping His Flow

He has cramp. It could be in his leg or in his arms.

Either way, it’s really painful and he doesn’t know if he can keep going. He’s really going to start panicking as he wonders whether he should stop to ease the pain, or whether it is better to just work through it.

The Condom Broke

It’s a guy’s and girl’s worst nightmare. The idea of the condom breaking leads to images of babies or diseases. You’re probably panicking right now too.

The problem is he is going to feel it happen before. Now he wonders whether he should tell you and stop, or whether it’s worth just carrying on a risking it.

Do You Want Him to Sleep Over Afterwards

You’ve had your night of passion and now it’s time to sleep. The thought of where to sleep is going to run through his head. He wants to know whether he should sleep over at yours, or should he just go home.

If he decides to stay, should he cuddle you or will you feel better sleeping at opposite sides of the bed?

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