7 Tips for That Relaxing Bath

A bath is supposed to be relaxing and unwinding, but most of the time it can be stressful. You either don’t get the temperature just right, or you don’t get the time to really enjoy for yourself. It doesn’t have to be that way. Here are some tips to make your bath the most relaxing environment.

Give the Temperature Time

If the water is too hot, give it time to cool down. Don’t put cold water in it just yet, because you run the risk of it going too cold. Get it to a point that is comfortable for you. You don’t want to see red legs and arms after you get out. This is a sign that it is too hot and it will raise your body temperature. Warm water will relax the muscles and soften the skin.

Focus on Scents

Get the perfect scent for your needs. You want something that you enjoy the smell of, while thinking about aromatherapy. Lavender oils are perfect for relaxation, or you could opt for rosemary or sandalwood.

You can buy bubble baths with these scents in or opt for oil burners and candles. It is completely up to you. If you have a scented bubble bath, avoid overpowering it with other scents.

Tell Everyone the Bathroom Is Off Limits

Make it clear that the bathroom is completely off limits while you’re in there. You don’t want to hear anyone, you don’t want them asking for things and you definitely don’t want conversations through the door.

This is time just for you and a chance to put real-life to one side for the time being.

Turn Off the Phone and Emails

Make sure your emails are switched off. Your phone could also do with being turned off so you don’t get any phone calls or text messages. The only time you may want the phone is if you use it to listen to music.

Listen to Music

Have some music in the room if you find that relaxing. If your bathroom is too small to have electronics in there, put it outside of the room or find somewhere to place your phone to listen to it from there.

Pick your favourite relaxing tracks and let everything leave your body and mind.

Have a Good Book

Take your favourite book into the bathroom if you like to escape into the bath. Having nothing to do can be stressful for some, as they start to overthink things.

Having the book will mean that you can really take your mind off situations happening in your life.

Picture the Water Helping

Lay back and let the water work on your muscles. You could invest in a pillow to keep your neck relaxed and get a flannel to place over your eyes to block out the light. Really picture the water helping your muscles relax and that will help your mind unwind.

You’ll forget the time and will soon find that the water is too cold to lay in.

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