Are These the Reasons You’re So Stressed?

Part of dealing with your stress is handling what is causing it. This means you need to know why you’re so stressed. While this depends on the person, there are some common causes of stress. By knowing more about them, you can decide whether you can do something about them and handle them in the future.

Your Job or Workplace

It’s the most obvious but it is so true for many people. The workplace or your job itself is often the reason you are so stressed, especially if you feel the need to bring your work home with you.

You may feel like you never escape the place. The problem is that you can’t always do something about this, except find a new place to work and that’s often easier said than done!



Losing Your Job

Being in the workplace may be stressful but losing your job or getting a demotion can be even worse. There is just so much going around your head—how are you going to pay the bills?

Will your family survive? What can you do now? It can be hard not to get stressed over this, especially if you actually enjoyed the place you worked!

People Who Cancel / Are Late

When you ask a favour, you want it doing right. You may have friends who agree to it and then don’t turn up or cancel on you right at the last minute.

That leaves you to do the one thing that you asked them to do to help you out. It doesn’t even have to be a favour. It could be meeting up for a drink or going to a movie together. It takes the fun out of the situation.



Sales People and Cold Calling

Most of the time, a person knocking at your door or calling your phone is for a sale; at least it seems that way. These are common causes of stress. Why do they never take no for an answer?

You may feel like you are constantly talking to a brick wall when asking for your number to be removed from the system or for them not to knock again.

Automated Messaging Systems

When you want to contact a company, you want to get straight through to a customer service representative. How annoying and stressful is it to end up with those automated messaging systems.

This is a common stress reason for so many people—often leading to people swearing at their phones because they can’t figure out which buttons to press to get to the person they need.



The Family

Whether it is the children running around and screaming or the husband who doesn’t clean up after himself, there is someone in the family that causes your stress. The latter is one of the easiest ones to deal with though, even though it may not seem it.

It’s all about airing your feelings—in a healthy way—and setting up chores for everyone so the house stays tided. The children…well, that’s another story!

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