Beat Stress the Old-Fashioned Way

Stress is the number one problem for adults around the world. It causes mental health issues like depression and anxiety and is linked to medical problems like high blood pressure and heart attacks. Stress puts the body under a lot of tension and increases the amount of adrenaline passing through the body. While small levels can be good, too much is harmful but you can beat stress.

Can You Do Anything About It?

Before stressing over something, is there anything that you can do about it? People worry about how their job interview went and whether they will get the job.

You may stress about how well your child is doing in school. These aren’t things within your control so there’s no need to stress about them!



Can You Do Something Now?

Is this a quick fix or a long term problem? When you decide that you can do something about it, can you do it now?

If this is something that will have to wait for the solution to come in a few days, weeks or months, there is no point in stressing about it now. Give it that time to play out.

Use Tactics to Relax

Meditation and yoga are great ways to unwind and relax. They help to lower the amount of adrenaline in the body so that your brain can stop thinking about all the things happening in your life.

If you’re a natural worrier, try meditating before you wake up and before you go to sleep so that you get a good night’s sleep.



Do Something You Love

Whether it is collecting stamps or hiking in the woods, do something that you love. You will boost your endorphins and will be able to forget about the things that are worrying and stressing you out.

You could even find something that you can turn into a business if you are worried about your finances.

Organise Your Day

Stress can happen if you agree to take on too much. Organise your to-do list and make sure you can reasonably fit everything into one day.

By planning ahead, you can also work out whether you can take on extra work, extra chores and when you can just sit down and relax!



Learn to Say No

No is a very good word to learn! It could be because your little one wants another snack or because your boss wants you to do overtime without pay.

Learning to say no will prevent extra work being piled onto you and will help you keep your days organised. It can be hard to learn if you’re so used to doing everything but will help reduce stress levels.

Play Relaxing Sounds to Help You Sleep

Sleep is the best thing to beat stress but stress makes it harder to sleep. It’s a vicious problem and you need to find a way to help you get to sleep.

Relaxing sounds in the background, such as classical music or flowing water is great for this.

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