Embracing your Curves

Everyone wants to be like the model on the cover of the magazines; tall and skinny. However that is not what creation intended. Just imagine if everything was the same how boring the world would be.

Obesity is a huge issue but not all full figured ladies are obese. Genetics sometimes play a pivotal role in the makeup of your body structure. You can inherit genes from your mom or dad or you can “strike back” to another family member. Striking back fundamentally means you have inherited physical traits which do not seem to come from maternally or paternally sources but from relatives. This may be true for some part but the better explanation is that the dormant gene of one the parents have become active.

Although curvier ladies are view as obese there is nothing wrong with having some “meat on your bones”, once you maintain optimum health and wellness. Maintaining a healthy body when you have a curvier figure is paramount so as not to develop obesity. You should maintain an exercise regimen, partake in multivitamin supplements and eat healthy foods such as fruits and vegetables, low fat yogurt and healthy grains and cereals.

Dressing your curves right is also important to maintaining a stylish sophisticated look. Just as with a slimmer figure, the right clothing and accessories are importing for whatever occasion. Flowing garments are always figure flattering. Try to stay away from form fitting garments; the elastic can cause bulging at the waist and hips. Lengths to the knees are very chic and sophisticated and can be worn for any occasion. You are not confined to dresses and skirt and shorts and slacks can be incorporated into your wardrobe as well.


When wearing shorts, mid-thigh to knee length is adequate to maintain a sophisticate look. Capri slacks are also very fashionable and can be worn as every day wear; not too tight but close enough to the body to prevent a sagging loose look.

Exercise is also an integral part of your regimen to ensure you maintain a healthy weight. You do not need to join a gym to accomplish this but can walk around the block every day will help burn off excess calories. You may also choose to use the stairs in your apartment complex or at your place of business to get in a couple of minutes a day without even thinking about it. You may also choose to invest in an elliptical machine or treadmill so you can continue to maintain your exercise routine when the weather gets cold.

Eating healthy doesn”t mean you have to cut out snacks and your favourite foods but you can substitute some of these fatty sugary foods for fruits. Incorporate a salad and some green vegetable into your daily diet. Supplement your diet with a multivitamin supplement. This ensures you get adequate amounts of vitamins and minerals. We can”t all be as skinny as a rake so why not love the body you have and take care of it.

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