Getting Out of The House In the Morning

As a mother of 6 (who are all grown up now) I can tell you getting out of the house was the hardest thing. Once everyone is out of the house and on their way to where they need to be, things get easier but when you have multi kids that need help getting it together you have got to stay super organized. Below you will find some tips to speed things up in the morning.

Get it Together After Dinner

Take a half hour after dinner to get outfits ready for the next morning.

Sometimes it can be hard to find that time but to make life a lot easier in the morning when everyone is still groggy having everything laid out will pay off in less morning time stress.



The Sock Issue

Everyone knows that finding matching socks can be a nightmare no matter what age you are. Solving the sock issue is easy when you get a little creative. If you have children that are around the same size buy all white socks or all black socks or all blue socks.

In other words avoid the cute socks because they seem to lose their partners the fastest. Instead of having everyone have their own sock draw keep the socks in a laundry basket in the wash room. If all the socks are the same color than you are bound to find a pair!

Winter Is Worse

I always dreaded winter time because there was so much more clothing to contend with! Mittens, hats, scarves and jackets just add to the time that it takes to get out the door in the morning.

Buy the same color mittens and gloves do with them what you do with your socks. You can get a little storage box with a lid and keep them on the shelf in the laundry room, on the days that they are needed there they are and it also makes a great place for summer storage!

Teach your children from the time they are old enough to understand to pull their hat off and stick it in the arm of their jacket. Their hats will stay safe and sound, one less thing to look for in the morning.



On to the Hair

Hair was big in my house with five little girls running around! Keeping track of hair ties, bows, barrettes and other hair necessities can be a nightmare and it seems when you are looking for them you can never find them unless you are looking for something else.

Get a box with a lid that is always kept in the bathroom and keep all things hair in that box. A bathroom door knob also does a good job of hanging on to hair ties.


Getting out of the house in the morning can be stressful but keep in mind that you are the leader here and your children are watching your body language for clues on how they should act.

Stay calm, roll with the punches and keep in mind it is only temporary someday soon everyone will be able to get themselves together.

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