Is That Decision the Right One for You?

You’ve made a decision, and now you’re worried that it’s the worst one you have ever made. It can be really difficult to come to a decision, especially when your whole life rides on it. It could be choosing one job over the other, or one university over the other. Here are six signs that you have made the perfect decision.

You Took Your Time

You didn’t just go into the decision light-heartedly. You really thought about your options and weighed the pros and cons.

You looked into the things you could lose out on, but the things you would gain from making the decision you have. Even when you look at it again, you can’t see how you could have made a better decision.


You Went With Your Gut

Sometimes the pros and cons are even. That means finding another way to deal with a situation. You decided to opt with your gut feeling. You’ll be surprised how good your instincts are for you.

You can often skip on the scams, and you will find that you go with something you know you want deep down.

Others Suggested the Same Thing

How many other people did you talk to? How many of those do you trust? You may have only spoken to a hand full of people that you trust, but they suggested making the same choice.

If they didn’t help you make a choice, they helped you weigh up the pros and the cons. They went through your list with you, and really made you think about what you want from life.


You Have Support From Others

They may not support your decision, but they support you. That in turn leads to them supporting you for the decision you eventually made. Think about it.

They’re not going to turn their back if you did make the wrong decision. It turns out that it’s the right one, whichever one you made!

You Looked at the Long Term

Considering the short term pros and cons is important, but you also need to look into the long term.

You did this, right? You looked at how this one decision could affect you in five or 10 years down the line. You looked at how it works in with your five or 10 year plan, and whether it is going to help you along the way. If it fit in with your plan, then it has been the right decision.


You’re No Longer Stressing

Stressing is a major problem for your overall health. Making a decision often helps to kick the stress. You can finally be at peace, and you will deal with any consequences that come afterwards. The important thing to remember is that you have now made the decision.

There is no point stressing over something that you cannot change. Listen to your body. If that is calm, the rest of your mind should be. You know that this is the best thing for you.

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