Simple Tips to Help You Beat Your Anxiety Worries

Anxiety is a mental disorder that affects many women around the world. The most severe form can leave women struggling to sleep and stuck inside in case they have a panic attack. It doesn’t have to take control of your life. While there are many self-help books and DVDs to help deal with this, they’re not always the best. Here are some simple tips to beat your worries and take back the control.

Set a Specific Time to Worry About Things

It’s impossible to not worry about things. Even those without anxiety problems worry about things that happen, whether it is a bill that is due or a close family member. Instead of trying to stop yourself worrying completely, set a time during the day where you are allowed to worry about it. This could be while walking your children to school or just before you get up on a morning.



Find Ways to Deal With the Problem

You can’t just worry about something and then try to forget about it. It will become a constant problem that you have to deal with. Instead, while worrying, think about the problem at hand and then go through steps to try and practically solve it. If you have financial stress, how could you combat it? If there’s something happening to a family member, can you do something to help? If so, what can you do?

Reduce the Amount of Alcohol You Drink

The bottle is not the solution. It makes anxiety worse in the long run. While you may forget about your problems and relax, this affect is only temporary and your problems will come back the next day.



Do Some Exercise

Exercise is great for the body and the mind. It releases endorphins and serotonin to make you feel happier and more relaxed. These are completely natural chemicals that the brain produces on a daily basis but helps to promote that production. At the same time, the adrenaline created when worrying is used during exercise.

Stop Checking Your Social Media Accounts

People write short messages on their social media accounts and it can make others worry about them – often for no reason! Stop using your accounts and interact with your friends in person. That way you get the full story.



Face the Things that Scare and Worry You

Don’t try to brush your problems off and don’t let fear control your life. Face your worries, anxieties and fears head on so that you can take more control. This will help you determine the types of fears that are just in the imagination and those that are real and you can start working on dealing with.

Try Meditation on a Daily Basis

This could be after your set time for worrying or could be just before you go to sleep. There are different types of meditation but they help to relax the mind and body. You don’t think of anything but going to your favourite safe place so you’re ready to tackle the day ahead – or the next one.

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